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Calcunex Tablets


Calcunex Tablets




Calcunex Tablets

20 Tablets

Pashanbhed – a potent lithotriphic

Gokshur– inhibits the production of oxalates

Yavakshar– increases soothing activity

Shwait Parpati– it has diuretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and urinary supportive action.

Apaamarg (Prickly chaff flower)– helps break up calculi, cleanse the blood and helps reduce swelling of internal organs. It helps to reduce Crystalluria, dissolves all the three types of renal calculi oxalate, phosphate and urate & increases urinaryoutput &excellent in burning micturition.

Pashanabheda– Urolithiatic & anti-inflammatory.

Lajjalu– Analgesic and anti-inflammatory action

• Calcunex disintegrate calculi fast

• Calcunex Normalizes ureteral peristalsis

• Calcunex facilitate passage of calculi (up to 15-20mm)

• Calcunex prevents recurrence

• Calcunex , The calculi disintegrator


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