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Ojaswin Gold


Ojaswin Gold




Ojaswin Gold

Kaunch Beej-increases libido & correctserectile dysfunction

Gokshur- a potent herbtoincrease spermount&libido


SuvarnaVanga- slows down ageing

Keshar- improvessexualfunction in men & womenwith major depression, In lowbbidosaffronaidsasasexualstimulant Ashwagandha- can significantly benefit fertility. Stress, illness, and hormone imbalance-all of thesehelps in improving reproductive health for conception.

Salem Panja- is a great herbal medication used for treating male impotencyarising out of low sperm count orlack of sperm motility. It increases the sperm count by boosting the testosterone levels in the blood and improves the quality and motility of the sperms. Hence, it is considered an effective treatment for oligospermia. It can be used for erectile dysfunctionsandprematureejaculation.

Javitri- sex stimulant herb which prevents premature ejaculationofseminalfluids.

Shuddh Kuchala- is herb which used for treating erectile dysfunction, sexual debility, general exhaustion, spermatorrhoea and impotence.
• Ojaswin Gold restores sexual health & improves overallvitality

• Ojaswin Gold promotes strength & stamina

• Ojaswin Gold improves blood circulation to sexual organs

• Ojaswin Gold improves erection & delays ejaculation

• The Goldstandard Aphrodisiac.


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