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Pilodex Ointment

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Pilodex Ointment


Pilodex Tube

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Pilodex Ointment

25 grams

A dual regimen to treat and prevent piles

Haridra– turmeric is very potent antimicrobial herb. It soothens and heals the pile mass. Being a very good anti-inflammatory, termeric brings down pain and swelling of hemorrhoids.

Nimba– neem disinfects the area

Khadira– acts as an astringent. Useful to stop bleeding and disinfectthe area.

Kumari– aloe vera soothens and softens the pile mass

Yastimadhu– licorice, reduces gastritis and relieves constipation.

Applicator – Used to apply the ointment on the body parts


Pilodex for Quick Releif


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