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Health Supplements

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  • Carcubest Capsules


    Carcubest Capsules 10 Capsules Curcumin in Inflammation • Offers Potent Anti-inflammatory action by inhibiting the pain mediators& thus improves symptoms in Rheumatoid & Osteoadhrifis • It Blocks NF kB that travels in nuclei of cell & turn on genes related to inflammation • Its potent antioxidant action neutralizes free radicals due to its chemical structure […]

  • Easex Oil (Roll on)


    Easex Oil   (Roll on) 60 ml  

  • Honeezy Syrup


    Honeezy Syrup 100ml Vasaka– a powerful anti-tussive and anti-allergic Kantkari, Mulethi & Tulsi- potent anti-bacterial, mucolytic &expectorant Haridra- potent anti-inflammatory Honey- soothes the irritated mucosa. Gul Banfsha– The herb is used as expectorant and antipyretic. The herb shows antibacterial activities also. Gaujwaan– it alleviates the symptoms of the common cough and bronchitis. Somlata– herb act […]

  • Moringa Liquid


    Moringa Liquid

  • Normasol



  • Ojaswin Gold


    Ojaswin Gold Kaunch Beej-increases libido & correctserectile dysfunction Gokshur- a potent herbtoincrease spermount&libido ShuddhShilajit-naturalrejuvenatoccorrectsdebility SuvarnaVanga- slows down ageing Keshar- improvessexualfunction in men & womenwith major depression, In lowbbidosaffronaidsasasexualstimulant Ashwagandha- can significantly benefit fertility. Stress, illness, and hormone imbalance-all of thesehelps in improving reproductive health for conception. Salem Panja- is a great herbal medication used for […]

  • Pilodex Ointment


    Pilodex Tube

  • Rishical


    Rishical 30 Capsules Enhances Osteoblast Proliferation & Thus Accelerates Fracture Healing Hadjod • Contains high amount of Calcium,Vit. C, Betacarotene&flavonoids. • Strengthen the integrity of bones by maintaining healthy equilibrium between bone restoration and bone formation. • Helps in early ossification and remodeling of bones. • Helps in relieving pain and inflammation associated with bones. […]

  • Trikatu