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  • Calcunex Tablets


    Calcunex Tablets 20 Tablets Pashanbhed – a potent lithotriphic Gokshur– inhibits the production of oxalates Yavakshar– increases soothing activity Shwait Parpati– it has diuretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and urinary supportive action. Apaamarg (Prickly chaff flower)– helps break up calculi, cleanse the blood and helps reduce swelling of internal organs. It helps to reduce Crystalluria, dissolves all […]

  • Gyneecare Syrup


    Gyneecare Syrup 200 ml Ashoka– It balances hormonal level, Increases estrogen levels in scanty bleeding, lowers estrogen levels in excessive menstrual bleeding Lodhra– In Menorraghia (excessive bleeding during menstrual cycle), it is highly effective as it relaxes the uterine tissues and acts on the relaxed mucus memhranes. Lodhra has proved to be very useful in […]

  • Laximuv Powder


    Laximuv Powder 100 Grams Psyllium – Rich source of edible fibre with prebiotic -Safe&well tolerated Haritiki – Laxative, improve digestion, promotes absorption of nutrients – Regulates colon function Amaltas – Helps Detoxifying Gastro-Intestinal Tract – Subsides Gas Flatulence & Acidity -Reduces Colic Pain & Eases Discomfort of Piles Mulethi – Relieves Constipation, Acidity, Heartburn & […]

  • Livorich Syrup


    Livorich Syrup 200 ml Bhumiansalld – a potent antiviral   Kalmegh- hepatostimulativewith antioxidant effectson hepatotoxins Katukl- helps maintain healthy production of bile Punamava- is used to treat jaundice and obesity. Sarapunkha– is the most effective Ingredients for liver ailments. it is famous for its effectiveness incirrhosisand viral hepatitis. Kasanl- known for its anti-inflammatory, cholagogue, and hepatoprotective capabilities. Hared-benefits […]

  • Livorich Tablets


    Livorich Tablets 20 tablets Bhumlamalkl– a potent antiviral Kalmegh, hepato-stimulative with antioxidant effects on hepatotoxins Katuki– helps maintain healthy production of bile Punarnava is used to treat jaundice and obesity. It is also used as anti-inflammatory and kidney tonic. Sarapunkha is the most effective ingredients for liver ailments. it is famous for its effectiveness in […]

  • Pilodex Capsules


    Pilodex Capsules 20 Capsules A dual regimen to treat and prevent piles Pilodex contains Khadir, Haridra, Mulethi ,Triphala, Neem&Nagkesar for quick action Khadir– arrests bleeding, reduces swelling and tenderness, cures infection and exhibits ant-itching properties. Nahkesar– Traditionally used in bleeding disorder, Mesua ferrea is highly effective in treating bleeding piles. It arrests bleeding, swelling, pain […]

  • Somrium Capsules


    Somrium Capsules 10 Capsules Ashwagandha – Effective in Neurodegenerative Disease – Stress Induced Gastric Ulcers – Nervine Tonic with Gaba Mimetic Effect – Relaxes the mind by interfering the neurotransmitters Tagar- Mild alternative for stronger sedatives like benzodiazepines in treatment of Nervous and Anxiety induced Sleep Disorders Brahmi- Improves Cognitive Function, Memory & Cerebral Blood […]