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Livorich Tablets

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Livorich Tablets


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Livorich Tablets

20 tablets

Bhumlamalkl– a potent antiviral Kalmegh, hepato-stimulative with antioxidant effects on hepatotoxins

Katuki– helps maintain healthy production of bile

Punarnava is used to treat jaundice and obesity. It is also used as anti-inflammatory and kidney tonic.

Sarapunkha is the most effective ingredients for liver ailments. it is famous for its effectiveness in cirrhosisand viral hepatitis.

Kasani– known for its anti-inflammatory, cholagogue, and hepatoprotective capabilities. It is also a herbal diuretic which helps in removing the obstructions of liver as well as of gall bladder.

Indications– In Viral Hepatitis, Drug Induced Hepato-toxicity &Altered Liver Function Tests, Fatty Liver, Cirrhosisof liver,Jaundice.

Livorich, protects regulates and rejuvenatesthe liverfunction.

• Livorich reduces liver inflammation

• Livorich increases bile production and flow

• Livorich improves appetite and digestion

• Livorich normalises SGPT, SGOT & Serum Bilirubin Levels

• Livorich is very effective in fatty liver

• Livorich is available in tablet form.


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