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Pilodex Capsules


Pilodex Capsules




Pilodex Capsules

20 Capsules

A dual regimen to treat and prevent piles

Pilodex contains Khadir, Haridra, Mulethi ,Triphala, Neem&Nagkesar for quick action

Khadir– arrests bleeding, reduces swelling and tenderness, cures infection and exhibits ant-itching properties.

Nahkesar– Traditionally used in bleeding disorder, Mesua ferrea is highly effective in treating bleeding piles. It arrests bleeding, swelling, pain and shrinks the piles.

Triphala– is most commonly known for its use as a gentle bowel tonic, being helpful in digestion and supporting regular bowel movements.

Haldi and Neem- exert antiinflammatory action to control inflammation and pain.

• Pilodex arrest bleeding

• Pilodex Exertsanti-inflammatory action

• Pilodex soothes peri-anal pain

• Pilodex relieves itching , relieves constipation & promotes faster regression of piles.

• There is NO recurrence of haemorrhoids


Pliodex for Quick Releaf


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